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Manufacturer: Carmate

FRSport is an authorized distributor for Carmate. Carmate is known to be one of the largest manufacturers of automotive accessories such as Muffler tips, Wide Angle Mirrors, Air fresheners and more. Some of their famous products include BLANG Gel air freshener that is an elegant and compact of most air freshener in the aftermarket today, this air freshener also has deodorizing effect Engraved and has chrome top with scents that cater to mature audience.

CarMate led the industry by introducing headrests in 1965. Virtually all passenger cars today have headrests as standard equipment. But decades ago, passenger cars did not have them. And today, they are dedicated to providing automotive products of the highest quality at affordable prices and total customer satisfaction.

Since CarMate was established in 1965, they have expanded over the years to become the largest manufacturer of automotive accessories in Japan. On average they develop and introduce about 200 new items each year for the aftermarket. With more than 1000 precision designed and quality products currently available and export to over 30 countries, CarMate enjoys the reputation of being the industry leader and provider for all of your car lifestyle needs.


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