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Manufacturer: Carbon Creations

Carbon Creations designs and manufactures innovative carbon fiber aerodynamic products specifically for your vehicle. Each product is manufactured with the highest quality standards and inspected by the quality control team before leaving the manufacturing facility. These products are manufactured with a Grade “A” carbon fiber material and finished with a premium clear coat with UV protection. Carbon Creation also featured 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber, Up to 70% lighter than OEM factory parts, Track-proven strength and performance, and Weather-resistant aluminum mesh grille

Carbon Creations products not only look great, but are used by professional motorsport figures for auto racing, drifting, and drag racing. Carbon Creations products are designed to be as light as possible while retaining durability and ensuring safety. Over the past number of years, Carbon Creations products have been widely exposed by the media as being the most prestigious carbon aerodynamic brand in the industry.


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