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Manufacturer: Burgaflex

Burgaflex offers refrigeration hoses for air conditioning, water cooling/heating, oil cooling and air brakes. the hoses meet all international norms and can be made to any size and customer specification. They also have a wide range of fittings available for each hose and application fittings. From the reusable or field attachable fittings to crimp fittings to Burgaflex own developed and patented Burgaclip system. Fittings are made out of steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Burgaflex tubing is made according to customer design and specifications. With brackets, stud pipes or other necessary related parts. Tubing can be made out of steel, aluminum, stainless steel or copper for original equipment manufacturing. Hose assemblies are made according to customer design and specifications. With straight or preformed hoses.  Fittings can be made out of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper or plastics.

INTERNAL HEAT EXCHANGER - In comparison to R134a systems, the new refrigerant is at a disadvantage as R1234yf absorbs slightly less energy per unit of flow in a refrigerant cycle. In order to increase the performance level to that of R134a, it is advised to use an Internal Heat exchanger (IHX). An Internal Heat exchanger (IHX) is used to transfer heat between the low side pressure and the high-pressure flow circuits. Its function is to improve system performance by further sub-cooling the refrigerant being supplied to the evaporator through the refrigerant control device. In fact a tube in a tube.    

Burgaflex supports the customer in more aspects than just supplying its products, giving the right advice and the required technical support is the highest priority. With a well-equipped engineering and quality department, the right products, for the right application according to customer-specific requirements can be developed. From the start of a project, Burgaflex advises the customer to allow the process to flow as efficiently as possible. New developments can be added into the design and also reverse engineering based on a sample is one of the possibilities.

During the design process, global standards and Burgaflex specifications are taken into account. 3D models can be created by the engineers with CAD system in the most common formats. Reverse engineering based on a mock-up sample is also possible. In the measuring room, the data from the sample can be taken with 3D measuring device.

Through the years Burgaflex developed their own production facilities for hydraulic and air conditioning fittings and tubing. More and more requirements from manufacturers of original equipment in the field of air conditioning hoses and hose assemblies lead to a further development of the product range of Burgaflex. The hose program expanded with oil, heater and air brake hoses. In 2010 the general management took over the Burgaflex companies to lead the company into a further worldwide growth.


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