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Manufacturer: Bubba Rope

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for Bubba Rope. “Bubbas” created the perfect off-road recovery rope. Their one-of-kind snatch rope is adapted from military specifications and has been tested commercially for years, pulling out work trucks and heavy equipment from muddy job sites. Bubba Rope is the Original Power Stretch off-road recovery rope. It is the only snatch rope with a vinyl rope armour coating and Gator-size eyes making it stronger than kinetic energy ropes and recovery straps. This off-road recovery rope provides superior performance, strength and durability that go way beyond kinetic energy recovery ropes, recovery straps and chains. Their rope stretches uniformly allowing more power to be transferred to get your truck unstuck.

“Bubba” is an endearing term that they’ all use in the South representing a more "countrified" way of life. Bubbas and their fairer side, Bubbettes thoroughly enjoy their time outdoors. On weekends you can find them off-roading while they are fishing, hunting, and yes, playing in the mud. Almost all of them Bubbas either own a 4x4 vehicle or know someone that does. And here’s the good news, just about anybody can be an All American Bubba or Bubbette, from a country good all boy or girl to a chic urban socialite. You just need to have a fun, git-r-done attitude and at least one piece of "camo" clothing in your wardrobe.

Bubba Rope is dedicated to making the safest and best recovery gear in the USA. They take their products and their customers seriously while having fun in what they do. They created Bubba Rope as a fun lifestyle array of high-quality American made products. They hope you enjoy using them as much as they do create them.


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