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Manufacturer: Braille Battery

Braille Battery is world-renowned company known for their products include Advanced AGM batteries and Lithium Ion batteries; Advanced AGM batteries allows for more power, safer design and less overall weight than the batteries they replace, as the performance leader in the 12 volts sealed AGM (lead-acid), it has a sealed valve regulated design that completely eliminates acid spills and corrosion on terminals and a stainless steel terminal that allows higher bolt torque and helps keep your battery connected even in high vibration environments.

While Lithium-Ion batteries, on the other hand, offers an extreme weight benefits and a longer service life. A racer that uses the Lithium product can charge the battery from depleted to full charge in less than 30 minutes, save over 70% on battery weight, and have three times the average life cycle. It is five times the amperage of similar-sized lead-acid batteries and it has sealed safe technology that allows for positioning in any direction with no acid or hazardous chemicals spilling.

Braille Battery is an American Company based in Sarasota, Florida that is the world leader in ultra-lightweight Lithium-Ion high-performance batteries and also distributes and sells the world’s first and only AGM carbon fibre race batteries. The entire selection is also part of their “Green Start” line of Eco-minded batteries.