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Manufacturer: BOOST MY FUEL

Boost My Fuel products are used to minimize maintenance costs, extend engine life, increase performance, reduce fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions and pollutants. For use in Diesel, Gasoline, and Bio-Fuel Blends. BOOST MY FUEL’s Combustion Catalyst Burn Rate Modifier, is a high-performance diesel & gasoline fuel additive. With These benefits: Stabilizer for perpetual fuel storage and Demulsifier, which Removes Water from Fuel.

FRSPORT carry the full line that set the standard for Boost My Fuel’s quality worldwide because they’re always thinking about the big picture and dedicated to keeping a customer's confidence, with a very big heart. A natural entrepreneurial company spirit with open door access to any and all staff. Persistent on cultivating and improving ideas, and recognizing that maybe a better mousetrap can be built, and they will get the job done.

Since the 1950’s, the manufacturer of Boost My Fuel, has been chosen to provide the fuel additives to ensure the operation of critical equipment, in times of emergency for the U.S. Government, major utilities, and some of nation's largest manufacturing operations. Until very recently, Boost My Fuel was only available in Bulk containers. Now it is available to the general public and the business community! If Boost My Fuel is capable of meeting these rigorous standards, imagine what this fuel improver will do for your vehicle!


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