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Manufacturer: Blue Star

Blue Star is well-equipped to provide the competitive advantage to high capacity, high volume automotive plants. Through our application know-how and portfolio of advanced metalworking fluids such as metal cleaning, metal forming, metal protection and high-performance lubricants, They create unique solutions designed to increase productivity, reduce overall costs and improve health, safety, and environmental performance.

The automotive market consists of a large number of vehicle manufacturers and an enormous component and sub-assembly supplier infrastructure. All players in this industry must be able to manufacture to high standards and tight tolerances across all operations.

Whether you are a job shop with small CNC machines or a manufacturer with large central systems and complex lubrication requirements, Blue Star can provide the right technology for all your needs including industrial grease, industrial lubricants, coolants, forming fluids, industrial cleaners, rust preventive solutions, and straight oils. Blue star experts will create solutions that ensure compatibility and maximize productivity.


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