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Manufacturer: Bell

Bell designs and develops innovative, technically superior auto racing helmets and accessories that maximize protection and enhance driver performance.

BR.1. The BR.1 is the first model in the industry that can be used as a traditional helmet, side air forced air or top air forced air model. By utilizing an innovative kit system, racers can now customize the BR.1 to adapt to different forms of racing or seat configurations. The BR.1 features an aero front chin gurney (duckbill) and comes standard with rear facing venturi airflow vents installed for dirt track forms of racing. The top air and side air kits are sold separately with multiple nozzle options. With a lightweight composite shell and large eye port, the M.4 is a great choice for racers who wear eyeglasses or for those who prefer a wider field of vision. The M.4 features a comfortable interior fit and maximum ventilation with full chin bar and top vents plus closable forehead vents. The M.4 takes a 281 SRV 3MM shield and SRV.2 pivot system. The helmet incorporates Bell’s redesigned face piece with recessed areas that allow for seamless radio integration and easy installation. The GP.2 Youth is a fantastic choice for young racers who demand great styling, superior features, light weight and excellent fit in a smaller configuration. The GP.2 Youth is built specifically for children and younger racers who need a youth helmet that is fire retardant. The SFI 24.1 (2015) certified GP.2 Youth incorporates the same advanced technology, styling, protection, and features developed for Bell’s line of professional racing helmets. The Vortex GT is the latest version of the famous vortex line of helmets from Bell. The Snell SAH2010 Vortex GT offers high-end features and performance at an affordable price. The redesigned styling of the Vortex GT incorporates aggressive upper and lower chin bar vents, forehead vents and top vents for outstanding ventilation. With an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell and pro-style interior for superior comfort, the Vortex GT is always up to the challenge and can be used in any style of racing. Bell Infusion, the Star Infusion is the ultimate in forced air helmet technology. The Snell SAH2010 Star Infusion is the first model in the industry that can be used as either a side air forced air or top air forced air model. Sold in the top forced air configuration, the Star Infusion can easily be adapted for use as a side forced air helmet through an innovative kit system. The helmet can also be used in a non-forced air configuration.

BELL is a registered trademark owned by Bell Sports, Inc. and licensed to Bell Racing USA. Bell Racing USA LLC sells helmets and auto racing accessories exclusively to countries in North and South America and will not ship to countries outside of these territories. Sales to countries outside of North and South America are facilitated through Bell Racing Europe.


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