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Manufacturer: BBX Racing

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for BBX Racing. The BBX Racing Pro Line HUBStands developed originally for World Challenge and GrandAm GT cars, ProLine HUBStands are available for most makes and bolt patterns. They have a high load, low resistance roller bearing wheeled bases so they smoothly and precisely lean and roll laterally in both camber and toe on scales. With ProLine HUBstands you can maintain repeatable measurement tolerance to within 0.1 mm of height, 0.01 degree of camber and 0.1mm of Toe. ProHUBStands also allow you to set Toe without strings. ProLine HUBStands come with a choice of interchangeable, height adjustable 4, 5 or 6 lug Hub Plates. All Hub Plates have multiple bolt patterns to fit multiple cars makes with the same set of HUBStands.

In the 4+ years since they sold the first set of HUBStands, they've improved and expanded the HUBStands brand to include a Pro-Line; added Smart Camber products and the full range of Intercomp Scales and Gauges.

HUBStands were created in the first place to make setting up their own race car easier, faster and more precise. They worked with the engineering school at the University of Buffalo and with other racers to develop their idea into a great time saver and precision tool for anyone to use. They will keep adding products and working on ideas that help racers get their cars quicker, and get them quicker way faster.


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