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Manufacturer: Bag Buddy

Bag Buddy is a world-renowned manufacturer for wire bag holder such as the Bag Buddy Recycle Pack. This Bag Buddy combination works well with coloured bags, helping keep your recyclables separate. The extra large unit accepts up to a 55-gallon bag. Big enough for the biggest recyclable load! And when the bag is full there’s no lifting or tearing, just a quick and easy removal from support arms that spring wide open. Once taken apart, Bag Buddy lies flat for storage, and its light-weight profile allows for easy transport and re-assembly.

Bag Buddy is made from quality parts that will last. It will keep giving you a hand for years to come. The Bag Buddy supports and holds-open your household garbage bag or brown paper yard bag so you can use both hands for the job.

Over 20 years ago a wire bag holder, originally designed for industrial use, was re-jigged for the purpose of delivering it to the domestic market. Called “Bag Buddy”, the product was registered, patented and marketed in both Canada and the U.S. As time went on, Bag Buddy became recognized as the perfect tool around the house for helping with just about any job. Other markets started to take notice of the versatility of the product as well.


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