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Manufacturer: Baer Brakes

FRSPORT is an official distributor for Baer Brakes. Baer, Inc is a leader in the performance brake industry that challenges the status quo by focusing on engineering design and innovative technology that delivers complete and detail-oriented solutions to their consumers. The brake system by design is a large heatsink. The better, and more accurately it can dissipate heat, the better the brake will perform. All Baer calipers are machined out of extruded or forged aluminium and are 100% manufactured in-house.

They pride themselves on delivering complete and detail-oriented performance brake solutions to their consumers. They do not cut any corners. To give an example of this, they assemble the hubs prior to sending them to you; installing all the bearings and races, packing them with Redline synthetic grease. When they send you your brake system everything is already installed, all you have to do is bolt it onto the control arms.

For over 20 years Baer, Inc. has been pushing the boundaries of modern performance brake technology. Through engineering design, innovation, and an unwavering passion to bring the most complete solutions to their customers Baer Brakes has cemented its legacy among the great automotive aftermarket manufacturers.


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