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Manufacturer: B&G Suspension

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for B&G products. B&G Suspension RS1 Coilover system offers high-quality dampers. RS1 dampers are user-friendly, quality made Coilover. RS1 Coilovers offer ride height adjustment from 0.75 inches to 3 inches (depending on application) via spring seat allowing you to dial in the optimal ride height. B&G Suspension RS1 Coilovers give drivers increased stability and grip while maintaining good ride quality. RS2 Coilovers put you in complete control with 18 levels of external dampening control (combination of Rebound and compression). Featuring monotube gas charge dampers for quick response and steering control, and a low bleed system to maintain ride quality during normal driving conditions. RS2 Coilovers incorporate separate adjustments for damper length and spring perch height to allow extreme lowering with full shock travel. RS2 Coilovers allow you to dial in the optimal ride height and dampening force for any driving environment.

B&G Suspension S2 Lowering Springs are designed for the enthusiast that desires street performance while maintaining exceptional ride quality. lowering springs dramatically improve your vehicles performance and appearance. Incorporating a progressive rate design allows B&G lowering springs to offer higher rates for improved road hold, less body roll, reduced squat under acceleration and less front end dive under heavy braking while maintaining a comfortable ride. B&G Race Springs are made from high tensile Chromium-Silicone wire purchased from Europe’s premium mines. B&G Race Springs are cold wound on CNC Coilovers; heat treated and shot peened for longevity; and finished with phosphate treatment and a baked on resin powder coating for a hard corrosion resistant shell.

Based on B&Gpassion for driving, B&G products not only give your street vehicle an aggressive look and stance but the best combination of ride and handling on the market. That’s why B&G engineers design the thrill of driving that secluded mountain pass into every system. Why they incorporate the adrenaline rush of Europe’s famous road courses into a Sunday drive. Why B&G products bring the stance of the world’s top race cars to your driveway. B&G thrive on the handling of a finely tuned vehicle, and B&G mission is to bring this exhilaration to every individual who chooses a B&G product.


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