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Manufacturer: Auradia

Auradia is a brand manufacturer which is their main types of products includes Radiators, Muffs, Motors and radiator heaters and Dehumidifiers. Auradia’s most well-known product is the AURADIA KDF 004 radiator truck for DAF. It has Innovative hardware such as clevis pins are included in order to have the core to properly expand and retract and avoid to header leaks. It has stress relief cuts for their AURADIA KDF 004 radiator truck for DAF which is reducing stress on the headers. AURADIA KDF 004 radiator trucks for DAF are manufactured from the highest quality materials and workmanship. Each unit is produced using high-quality tooling to manufacture the core and tanks and they are 100% pressure-tested and carefully packaged to ensure you will receive your Radiator in perfect condition.

AURADIA Company is one of the leading German manufacturers of radiators for cars original quality. Currently, AURADIA is a division of AVA-Deutschland, which branded AURADIA produces spare parts for maintenance. Due to the high level of quality products, AURADIA succeeded at many companies avtostroitelnyh U.S., Europe, the Middle and the Far East. Impeccable quality parts AURADIA achieved through the use of modern equipment for their production and the most high-quality materials such as aluminium, copper, brass and plastic.


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