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Manufacturer: Audiovox

Audiovox is a company that cut its teeth behind the wheel of a car and is still a premier supplier to the automotive aftermarket. Vehicle Tracking is among their hottest products, along with specialized mobile products like collision avoidance and more. Audiovox solidifies in the mobile electronics industry when they first shipped their mobile video product and quickly became recognized as the leader in that brand new category.

Now, one of their most popular products is the VODEXL10A 10.1-inch Hi-Def digital overhead system. This will transform any backseat into a travelling entertainment centre featuring HDMI/MHL inputs that give the user direct connection to any HDMI/MHL enabled device: smartphones, tablets, even Smart-TV devices. Audiovox is delivering more choices in device connectivity, more capability to enhance entertainment and more value than ever before. The VODEXL10A Overhead system incorporates certified HDMI/MHL inputs, giving you a direct connection to any HDMI/MHL enabled device: smartphones, tablets, even Smart-TV devices. Our mobile video products provide delivery of high-definition audio and video content without losing the use of the DVD, making your entertainment possibilities literally endless.

Everyone knows how Audiovox became a mobile electronics company but it is a story worth repeating. Audiovox started back in 1965 as a car sound company that soon became the aftermarket car sound company. In those days many cars came without a radio or with a cheap factory installed system. They offered high power radios, 8 tracks, cassettes and CD's and now they include satellite radios and in-dash pop out screen systems that are the latest in entertainment and information convergence. Although they have added much, they have never forgotten that mobile is their "roots".

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