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Manufacturer: Auburn Gear

Auburn Gear product Offerings are focused on Four Major Product Lines such as the Power Wheel Planetary Gearboxes, E-Trac Electric Drive Systems, Driveline Systems and the Automotive Differentials. If you are looking to electrify a drive system, look no further than Auburn Gear. Over the last several years, Auburn Gear has been developing and manufacturing E-TRAC Drive Systems for electric vehicles. We have very quickly become the go-to supplier when OEMs are looking for this assistance with this technology.

FRSport carries the full line for Auburn Gear product that set the standard for the industry because Their technical aptitude with respect to the entire drive system has assisted OEMs and helped them produce new driven equipment in various markets including; agriculture, construction, material handling, ground support and automatic guided vehicles.

Auburn Gear, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom engineered wheel drives, axle drive components, and speciality drives and solutions for diverse mobile equipment applications. Through its expansive product portfolio of planetary gearboxes, electric drive systems, driveline systems, and differentials, Auburn Gear offers more than 120 base product models covering over 3,200 application solutions that transfer power and torque to wheels, axles, booms, augers, winches, and platforms.


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