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Manufacturer: Attwood

FRSPORT is an official distributor for Attwood. Attwood has been the unquestioned award-winning leader in design, development, testing, and manufacturing of the highest quality boat parts and accessories for the marine industry. One of their most popular world-renowned products is the XFS Multi-Function LED Sport Lights. This durable, water-resistant, multi-purpose light can be used as a bright 300 Lumen flood light or 50 Lumen red beam for improved night vision. It also has a UV mode for charging fishing lures and line. This features four mounting options and 360° rotation. It includes an adapter for use with the Attwood Rod Holder Mount and ideal for fishing, boating, hunting, camping, and more.

We carry the full line of Attwood products that set the standard for the industry because the people at Attwood are proud that they are more than just a “middle man” that buys and sells components. Their team of engineers and designers are constantly looking for ways to identify needs and opportunities for improvement by thinking outside the box and employing Genuine Ingenuity to create the products that their consumers want and need.

For more than 100 years Attwood has been proud to serve the parts and accessory needs of the marine industry. They have partnered with you to design, manufacture, test, and distribute a complete line of products that have been a part of your tradition, and they thank you for this opportunity. They agree that price is a consideration, but they also understand that many items they offer to the market can affect the safety and reliability of a boat and its occupants. They have spent considerable resources talking to consumers and asking them what is important; among the top responses are always safety and reliability. With this in mind, they build their Value Proposition.

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