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Manufacturer: ATS Diesel

FRSPORT is delighted to be an authorized distributor for ATS Diesel.

The ATS Diesel is a trusted brand for hundreds of different types of performance truck parts and manufactures the highest quality performance upgrades for light duty diesel trucks including pulse flow exhaust manifolds that offer far less restriction than stock manifolds and up-pipes, aurora turbochargers which cars and trucks gain massive power while maintaining stock response times and Protector differential covers allowing Easy fluid service without removing cover.

We carry the full line of ATS Diesel products that set the standard for the industry because of their innovation and superior craftsmanship. We fully back up this brand because not only do they offer high-quality parts, but they also design their parts to meet many different performance-related needs, including towing, off-road, racing, and more.

ATS Diesel mission is to invent and manufacture the world's finest and most innovative diesel truck performance products. Products that excite truck owners at all levels! ATS Diesel Performance was founded in 1993 and has been serving businesses, hobbyists and racing enthusiasts ever since. Located in Arvada, Colorado, ATS invents designs, manufactures and distributes diesel truck performance products worldwide.


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