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Manufacturer: Atlantc Tube & Steel

Atlantic Tube & Steel products can be found in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, structures that reside in harsh environmental conditions like mines and oil fields, in the automotive industry and in everyday products like: office furniture, greenhouses, racking, signposts, conveyor belts, residential and commercial fencing, exhaust & front pipes, HVAC systems and even as part of light and heavy duty trailer hitches. Atlantic Tube & Steel materials types are aluminized, galvanized, galvalume, and more when it comes to steel constructions.

Atlantic Tube & Steel we’re committed to providing the best mechanical/exhaust and structural steel tubing in the industry. Atlantic Tube & Steel guarantees that every tube is manufactured to the highest standards and every bundle of product manufactured is subjected to a series of quality tests to verify the integrity and ensure the utmost quality. The products are backed by daily commitment to total customer satisfaction. It’s an attitude that has earned us a reputation for outstanding products and service that is unparalleled in the industry.

The business was one of the first in the industry to demand a grade of steel made specifically for use by exhaust system manufacturers and fabricators. In 1990, The company expanded the production capabilities in order to be able to service structural steel markets. The Atlantic Tube & Steel have been an ISO registered company for well over ten years. They continue to work each day to ensure that the products and services achieve that consistent, high-quality standard.


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