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Manufacturer: Atk Engines

ATK Engines specialize in building Custom, Stroker, Crate, and Turn-Key performance engines that are guaranteed to meet the highest of expectations. They have spent years researching and engineering the engine packages to meet virtually every level of performance needs. ATK brand new component parts are made for a high-performance experience that is truly unique, unlike much of the competition. ATK has one of the finest high-performance engine shops in the country, featuring state of the art dyno equipment of building any high-performance engines. ATK Engines is not only building engines, they also featuring products by parts, such as camshaft camshafts, valvetrain, crate engines, cylinder heads, engine accessories, engine blocks, carburetors, Gaskets, Seals, and more.

By making remanufactured components available for these American cars and trucks, VEGE Motoren helped get the European economy back on the road again. Fast forward to the current day where ATK/VEGE is proud to offer over 1,500 products and provides its service to over 40,000 US customers a year. With over 70 years of building experience and having achieved ISO 14001 quality, ATK felt that it was ready to launch a high-performance division in 2007. When you buy an ATK High-Performance Engine you are buying an engine that is designed to be better than new. ATK reverse-engineers all of engines to ensure that any factory defaults are eliminated.

ATK Engines is proud to maintain a 70+ year history of engine building. ATK's sister company, VEGE Moteren, was founded in Holland in 1936 and developed their business by remanufacturing components for ex-military vehicles left in Europe by American forces following World War II.


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