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Manufacturer: ATI Performance Products

ATI Performance Products designed dampers for Chevy, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, and every car in streets. The ATI Supercharger Super Dampers places the powerful protection of our Super Damper inside the crankshaft blower pulley and it features external belt drives for virtually any type of blower belt and eliminates the need for separate crank mounted blower pulleys. ATI Serpentine Super Damper contains grooves for serpentine belts machined into the outer damper shell. The dampers come standard with 6 outer grooves for standard OEM drive systems. 8 & 10 grooves are available for supercharger or turbo applications. Serpentine dampers are available in a variety of diameters. Crank hubs may be fitted with a 6 groove serpentine pulley to drive external oil pumps or vehicle accessories.

ATI manufactures a multitude of high-performance parts including competition transmissions such as the incomparable Superglide, Treemaster Converters, Super Dampers, Compu-Flow, Valve Bodies, Flexplates and Adapter Kits as well as a wide variety of performance enhancing internal transmission components. Innovative designs, partnered with a commitment to racing, allows the company to maintain a prominent position on the cutting edge of high-performance component design and manufacturing. ATI proudly holds over a dozen U.S. Government patents, with others pending.

Over the years, ATI has earned a reputation for its cutting edge technology, attention to detail, and rigorous testing under race conditions. By staying true to these basic principles, ATI has built a loyal customer base, many of whom still use parts purchased from ATI in the 1980’s.