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Manufacturer: ATE

ATE is a system supplier for major car manufacturers. With an extensive range of products such as Disc brakes, drum brakes, brake fluids, hydraulic parts, clutch parts, and intelligent sensors.

ATE brake pads far exceed the requirements of the legal ECER90 directive. Ground-breaking products, such as the low-dust ATE Ceramic brake pads, underline the power of innovation. And sports brakes like the ATE PowerDisc guarantee maximum braking power at high speed and in critical situations.

ATE spare parts for drum brakes always fit perfectly and are very durable, because when it comes to materials and processing, they have only one requirement, the highest possible quality together with first-class materials, accurate manufacturing, and extensive testing. ATE brake shoes and brake drums can be installed easily and everything fits together perfectly.

ATE brake fluids are perfectly matched its individual application. Viscosity, boiling point, pressure behavior, they all interact perfectly to allow the brakes to react quickly and reliably for every vehicle and every application. High-quality additives in brake fluids provide excellent protection against rust. This makes the brakes more resistant and more durable and so much safer in the long term.

ATE is an expert in braking systems, They know exactly what constitutes the perfect interplay of hydraulic parts. Millions of drivers have already benefited from specialist knowledge. From the brake caliper to the brake hose, the spare parts you need are always available and they fit perfectly. For powerful and reliable braking performance in all situations. ATE hydraulic parts are available for virtually all popular vehicle models.

ATE Original spare part clutches work precisely and reliably, thanks to their high-quality materials and first-class workmanship. ATE clutch parts are manufactured using specific procedures that provide them with protection against corrosion and premature wear – and that’s OEM quality. The clutch cylinders are lightweight and compact, the clutch cables carefully measured. The components complement one another perfectly, providing a supremely comfortable driving feeling.

Whether it’s a question of performance, particularly easy installation or the best material, ATE has the braking system that’s exactly right for a vehicle model, driving style or requirement. And even if you’re more than satisfied, you can be sure of one thing, you’ll stay on the ball! ATE uses only high-quality OEM materials and its name stands for extremely precise manufacturing.