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Manufacturer: AT Power

AT Power product range includes Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Induction Systems, Direct To Head Throttle Bodies, Drive by Wire Throttles, Universal Throttles, Dry Sump Systems, High-Efficiency Oil Pumps and some Supporting Products

AT Power Direct To Head Throttle Bodies are Delivered fully assembled, with a Billet Aluminium Fuel Rail, and features oval, 'shaftless' and knife-edged butterflies for improved airflow & performance and with the throttle blade very close to the inlet valve the engine response is significantly improved and offers superior idle control over other individual throttle bodies.

AT Power Drive by Wire Throttles ‘Shaftless’ throttle body, featuring patented technology to gain up to 7% more airflow than a conventional throttle. Suitable for many throttle body applications and has been tested to the highest standards of competition and it is made from highly attractive billet machined aluminum housings. It is fully assembled and ready to bolt straight to the engine. The Throttle Body is factory balanced and calibrated to a set idle condition.

AT Power has a range of Universal throttles, utilizing aerospace grade aluminum adaptors and flange plates to build a manifold suitable for several of our single bore throttles resulting in an Individual Throttle Body setup. Examples of this are our Audi 5-Cylinder and Big Bore Cosworth YB Universal Throttles. AT Power Universal Throttle Bodies are designed to be adjustable to suit your cylinder spacing and can be provided as needed for your engine.

AT Power are known for its exceptional quality, performance, and design in numerous areas of the engine performance, as well as being trusted and respected design consultants for some of the world’s largest motorsport organizations. With over 60 years’ experience of automotive design, full product development, quality control, manufacture and final testing/validation, all of which ensures our products will help you achieve the optimum performance from your vehicle.


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