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Manufacturer: Arias Pistons

FRSPORT is proud to be an official distributor for Arias Pistons. ARIAS designs and manufactures world class pistons in the aftermarket industry. The HARLEY TWIN CAM 95", 3.875" BORE, 10.5:1 WITH HTCC HEAD is one of Arias best seller today. This Big Bore piston is to be used with HTCC Cylinder Heads only. It is sold in pairs that include rings, pins and pin clips. It’s also a PRO TWIN CAM "HTCC" PISTON with .927 pin and round wire lox included.

ARIAS Pistons is over forty-three years of forged piston innovation that has set the standard for piston performance. Founded in the workshop and on the racetrack by Nick Arias Jr. in 1969, ARIAS PISTONS blends its unique experience, state-of-the-art equipment, engineering excellence and dedicated team to produce pistons that have forged a reputation for power!

The ARIAS team has designed, manufactured and built their own engines, crewed and raced their own vehicles, and gathered priceless information from their own research, development and testing. The proprietary knowledge derived from this focus on R&D is passed on to their customers in every one of their products. With ARIAS, you are benefiting from 60-plus years of proprietary internal-combustion engine experience.


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