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Manufacturer: Aqua-Pro

FRSPORT is proud to be an authorized distributor for Aqua-Pro. The Aqua-Pro is a trusted brand for hundreds of different types of Water Filters, Storage Tanks and more. The AP500 4 Stage mini RO system is one of the most famous products for AquaPro. The AP500 4 Stage mini RO system is 5-in sediment prefilter and also a 5-in carbon block prefilter RO membrane. It has post inline GAC filter, with Faucet & installation kit and it has a 3.2 gallon RO tank and ball valve.

Their credo: high quality, low defects and easy installation. They believe in a world of increasing pollution and need for pure water your satisfaction comes from their incessant progress.

AQUAPRO is a worldwide leading brand established in 1996, they provide a Trinitarian service, manufacture, trade and OEM all the water treatment products. Based on their manufacture, trade and development experiences, they supply and sell water purification products at fair prices, the finest quality and economized expense for their clients. They are the company with 4-in-1 features: Design, Manufacture, Trade and Consultation. Globalization has become an unstoppable tendency. They discipline themselves not only develop new technologies but also extend sales experience as well.


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