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Manufacturer: APR

APR has the capabilities to produce products in both Carbon Fiber and Aluminum manufacturing processes; APR’s products are durable and lightweight. These composite technologies allow APR to maintain its high levels of quality and durability.

Products include Front Air Dams which integrate with the front bumper to reduce front-end lift and increase high-speed stability. Formed in the autoclave at high temperatures, APR Performance Front Air Dams are made from pre-preg carbon fibre materials to be strong and lightweight. Proprietary manufacturing processes utilizing pre-preg carbon fibre composites help to produce products that are durable, lightweight, and of the highest quality. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, combined with real-world track testing, help to ensure products meet stringent performance specifications.

Since 1999, APR Performance has been producing and manufacturing high-quality performance products for the aftermarket automobile industry. Every product is track tested to assure they are able to withstand the extreme environment of the track.