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Manufacturer: Anderson Composites

FRSPORT takes pride in providing you with the largest selection of Anderson Composites products. So, no matter what your vehicle’s make and models is, you’ll definitely find here the Anderson Composites carbon fibre and fibreglass that will fit your needs, your budget, and your ride’s specs. 2016 - 2018 CAMARO TYPE-AZ DOUBLE SIDED CARBON FIBER HOOD is one of their best products in the aftermarket today. To specify this product, kindly read the review from an anonymous and satisfied customer. “We have been in business for over 25 years, replaced hundreds of aftermarket hoods and more often than we like to have to modify trim enlarge mounting point holes, re adjust existing panels to achieve panel gap lines to be more acceptable, NOT WITH THIS HOOD, bolted up adjusted and fit to existing panels, and its actually light weight, more often than not we receive replacement carbon fiber hoods that are actually heavier than the originals, due to the construction process, this hood is all carbon fiber, exposed weave and resin is top notch. Would recommend to anyone and future customers.”

Anderson Composites specializes in carbon fibre and fibreglass components for late-model domestic makes and models. We manufacture each and every one of our products with the utmost attention to detail and only use top-grade materials for a quality product you can trust. Their extensive manufacturing experience allows us to construct everything from hoods, trunk lids, spoilers, side rockers, lip kits, to more complex pieces like doors in both fibreglass and carbon fibre. The precision and attention to detail Anderson Composites use to make its products is a science of its own. Our craftsmanship is simply unmatched.

Anderson Composites’ research and development team understand that the foundation for performance starts with how a product is made. They take pride in their innovative and cutting-edge production process that makes the possibilities endless. Anderson Composites is located in the heart of Southern California and gladly ships worldwide.


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