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Manufacturer: Amortex

FRSPORT carry the full line of Amortex products in the industry because this brand is a trusted source of clutch discs and pressure plates for several years now are its dedication to providing its customer with direct-fit, highly durable products. One of their best-known products is the Clutch Pressure Plate. The Amortex Clutch Pressure Plate contains no remanufactured components and is designed to operate in either city or highway driving. All its automotive solutions are crafted using only the finest materials available.

Amortex specializes in the production of top-of-the-line pressure plates and clutch discs for various vehicle makes and models. Amortex believes that the driver must be in full control whenever he’s shifting gears; that’s the reason it develops products that will put an end to your clutch problems. As your vehicle runs, friction, heat, and stress will always find their way to your pressure plate and clutch disc and affect the performance of these parts. When that happens and you’re in need of replacement components to restore smooth engagement and reliable transmission, trust only Amortex products.


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