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Manufacturer: Akrapovic

Akrapovic is known for their best exhaust products both for motorcycle and car performance exhaust systems such as the BMW 1 Series M Coupé. Utilizing a single muffler arrangement, the full titanium Akrapovi? Slip-On is designed to be modular. In its basic mode, all exhaust gases flow through the muffler, giving you a deeper rumble of an exhaust note compared to stock without any drone. Once activated, the majority of the exhaust gases route through the muffler bypass outlets. Even when installed on an otherwise stock vehicle, power gains are achieved and weight reduction realized. Complete the look with a set of four exquisite tailpipes in titanium or carbon fiber. Cars equipped with Akrapovi? exhaust systems benefit from the additional performance and increased responsiveness. Significant gains in power and torque are achieved throughout the entire rpm range. All Akrapovi? exhaust system measurements are made on our computer-controlled flow benches.

The excellence of Akrapovi? products is reflected in the value and perception of the trademark, aspiring to maintain its position as a synonym for high-quality exhaust systems. As such, the Akrapovi? trademark is invaluable for the company, which takes all trademark infringement cases under serious consideration.

A pioneer in its field, Akrapovi? is widely recognized as a highly innovative materials technology company. The brand is synonymous with the highest level of design, performance enhancement and the creation of an unmistakable deeply resonant exhaust sound. The company’s products are designed and manufactured for motorcycles and performance cars by a passionate and highly-skilled workforce of over 1000 employees using the latest technology, processes and finest materials. The Racing R&D department works with dozens of racing teams. Over 100 world champions have already relied on Akrapovi? exhaust systems. And this is just the beginning of a long exciting ride.    


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