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Manufacturer: Airtex

Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems is the leading North American automotive aftermarket manufacturer of fuel pump parts including Electric fuel pump, Mechanical fuel pumps and more. Airtex develops the latest technological advancements in fuel delivery systems by not only adhering to OE design philosophy but also improving upon design and performance of aftermarket fuel pump replacements.

With the average lifespan of U.S. vehicles now exceeding 11 years, Airtex is proud to manufacture more than 2,100 units of aftermarket fuel pumps and fuel pump assemblies that cover the more than 250 million vehicles in operation today. Engineered to meet or exceed original equipment specifications and ISO standards, Airtex electric fuel pumps and fuel pump assemblies are backed by a lifetime warranty.

More than 80 years of automotive aftermarket and automotive OEM experience enable Airtex to provide category expertise, engineering excellence and a comprehensive line of quality products to customers across the automotive supply channel. A subsidiary of UCI international and sister company to water pump manufacturer ASC Industries, Inc., Airtex is the only automotive aftermarket manufacturer in North America that designs and builds mechanical and electric fuel pumps for a full range of cars, trucks, fleet and specialty vehicles.