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Manufacturer: Ags

AGS variety of products are SC- Spring Hangar, Risers, Brace Rear Bumper Assembly, Wheelhouse, Corner Brace, Panel Rear Wheelhouse, Front Panel, Pick up Box, Deck Panel, Assembled Rear Bumper, H Bracket, Bracket, Rail Assembly, Bumper Assembly, Crossmember and Floor Pans.

AGS is a full-service supplier, with capabilities in stamping, plating, coating, welding, sequencing, and assembly. 80% of AGS’s business is in the supply of impact system assemblies/modules and 20% of its business is comprised of the supply of general stampings. AGS supplies bumper systems and body-in-white structural modules to GM, Chrysler, and several Tier 1 customers. AGS’s breadth of operations is quite extensive, and many of the programs span several locations in order to provide maximum service and optimal value-add to customers.

On the general stampings side, AGS equipment and capabilities span a very wide range. AGS owns 136 stamping presses, ranging up to 2500T, with large bed sizes. AGS specializes in large tonnage equipment and a sampling of its stamped products includes bumper products, cross members, oil pans, control arms, and frame assemblies.

AGS’s products can be found on a variety of truck/SUV platforms including the Chevy Silverado, the Dodge Ram, the GM Canyon/Colorado, the Jeep Liberty and the Hummer 3, and on a variety of car platforms including the Buick Lacrosse, the Chevy Traverse, the Chrysler Charger, the Chevy Cobalt and the newly designed Camaro.


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