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Manufacturer: Aerocatch

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for AeroCatch.

The Aerocatch is a trusted brand for providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for Motorsport, Specialist Vehicles, Marine and Transportation.  AeroCatch is known for their very famous plus flush and flush that includes Bonnet pins, Boot, Hood pins, Street race, and Rally, etc. They also have Black carbon look, Locking, and Non-locking options that offer an aerodynamic, high strength tension latch for fastening panels together with the added feature of a shear engagement tongue allowing the latch to carry loads in three axes.

We carry the products of Aerocatch that set the standard for the industry because they are completely aerodynamic as they are fitted from underneath the panel, which ensures that they are completely flush. The Aerocatch can be painted to match the bodywork color and offers a complete discretion as for the flush fitting fastener blends into the panel. Each kit contains all the necessary components to fit immediately and a cardboard template to assist with panel preparation.

AeroCatch is Designed and Made in England by Specialty Fasteners and Components Ltd for setting new standards in the 21st century. AeroCatch products are tested in a UK independent testing house to ensure the maximum safety levels are achieved. The high strength plastic material they are made from can be painted allowing full customization and optional discretion.


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