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Manufacturer: ABA

ABA clamps are designed to have a clamping force reserve and not break. They will reliably continue to develop a sealing force around the hose when tightened.

These clamps have single sided slits for the torque screw. Unlike regular clamps from hardware stores, ABA clamps do not eat and rip into the silicone hoses. That means you can protect the life of your silicone hoses and keep those pipes tight even longer. The ABA clamps also have reverse torque built into the screw head, so it will not back out even under the most extreme conditions.

The clamps feature an extra strong one-piece pressed housing, rolled-up band edges and a smooth band underside that protects the hose. For added corrosion resistance the band in the 12 mm standard is made of Aluzinc which provides three times the protection offered by conventional galvanised steel.



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