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Cusco Zero-1 Coilovers w/ Pillowball Mounts

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Cusco 105 60E CP Zero-1 Coilovers w/ Pillowball Mounts
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Product Details

Cusco Zero-1 Coilover Kits share the same size shock absober as the fully adjustable unit of the Zero-2 and provide excellent ride comfort! The Cusco Zero-1 Coilover Kits are easy to set up and gives you full control over ride height, that will provide you with an amazing feel.

Ride height adjustable coilover kit with pre-set dampening rate.
Full ride height adjustable
Pre-set rate/Dampening non-adjustable
Heavy-duty anti-rust protectioin

Recommended for drivers who:

Wish to eliminate bumper steer and under steer.
Prefer customizing suspension setting.
Want a lower ride height quality at a reasonably priced system.Zero-1 Coilovers w/ Pillowball Mounts
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