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ACT XT Clutch Kit 6 Puck Sprung

  • ACT Quality

  • 6 Puck Sprung

  • Street and Track Use

ACT TS5-XTG6 XT Clutch Kit 6 Puck Sprung
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XT Clutch Kit 6 Puck Sprung -

For racing, you need a clutch that will enable quick shifts and hard slips to advance you across the finish line. ACT Xtreme clutch kits maximize the road to high performance by meshing solid products, outstanding quality, and exceptional value. These Xtreme clutch kits with racing or street discs are based on solid engineering principles. They afford a clamp load increase of 50 to 100 percent with moderate-to-stiff pedal feel, and many of these new, not rebuilt, units are SFI-certified to ensure safety. You've spent long hours building your engine; get it in motion with the smooth, precise feel and longer life of the ACT Xtreme clutch kits.

  • XT Clutch Kit 6 Puck Sprung (G6), Components: T021X, 6236207, RB443, PB1004, AT11

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