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Works Bell Worksbell Ball Lock System RAPFIX GTC R

  • Precise construction

  • Rattle free design

  • Race oriented

Product Details

Worksbell Ball Lock System RAPFIX GTC R


The Rapfix GTC-R is a renewed version of the original Rapfix GTC, engineered for racing applications. This product is developed for racing and is especially well suited for endurance racing in which driver changes take place. Instead of attaching and detaching the Quick Release products like on the Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release, with the Rapfix GTC-R the steering wheel simply tilts upwards to allow for the fastest driver changes possible.The new driver gets into the car and the steering wheel is then tilted back to it's normal position, where the Rapfix GTC-R locks it in place using Works Bell's patented Rapfix ball lock locking system.


The Rapfix GTC-R is machined and assembled with absolute precision by Works Bell's engineers in Works Bell's production facility in Nagano, Japan. It is precision Japanese engineering at it's absolute finest.



  • Applicable steering wheel PCD: 50.8mm (or 3 hole with optional adapter)
  • Attachment PCD: 50.8mm
  • Internal thread setting: M5xP0.8

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