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Winmax W2 Front Brake Pads Subaru Legacy GT 2000-2004

  • Wide Temp Range

  • Long Pad and Rotor Life

  • Non Steel Material

Winmax 349-W2 W2 Front Brake Pads Subaru Legacy GT 2000-2004
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W2 Front Brake Pads Subaru Legacy GT BE9 (Sedan) BH9 (Wagon) 2.5L NA AWD Rear Disc Brake 2000-2004

Using a knowledge database that covers everything from OE factory pads to formula racing machines, Winmax begins all brake pad development in its research and development facilities. By blending various types of raw materials based on the information accumulated over years of quality engineering, Winmax is able to develop friction materials that meet the requirements of performance, effectiveness, life, noise, vibration, and feel.

Created for those who want the bite and feel of a track-ready pad, but are not ready to deal with the associated noise, wear, and brake dust, these non-metallic brake pads will allow casual motorsports laps with ease, with extended performance over the W1 Brake Pads. The enhanced controllability offered by Winmax W2, provides novice motorsports drivers added confidence, and ease in learning the art of threshold braking.The W2 is ideal for those who demand the ultimate balance between street pads and motorsports pads.

Winmax W2 is also available for trucks and larger vehicles, which need additional braking power and control over stock pads for towing or high capacity loads.

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