Koyorad V082611 V Series Aluminum Racing Radiator - Integra 94-01 (Showa) Image1
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Koyorad V Series Aluminum Racing Radiator - Integra 94-01 (Showa)

  • Increased cooling capacity

  • Quality aluminum construction

  • Hand crafted and mirror finish

Koyorad V082611 V Series Aluminum Racing Radiator - Integra 94-01 (Showa)
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Unlike this vehicle’s conventional down-flow style OEM radiator, Koyorad’s new cross-flow design improves heat dissipation by directing coolant laterally across the radiator.  To further improve this radiator’s efficiency, Koyorad has integrated their N-FLO dual pass partition which routes coolant through the radiator twice for up to a 20% improvement in cooling performance over stock.  Aesthetics were also a big concern in the radiator’s design, therefore eliminates the need for top mounting pins, which allows a much cleaner presentation.  At only 36mm thick, this radiator provides excellent heat exchange properties while maintaining a slim and compact size


Racing series radiators were made for manual transmission only, however with a separate automatic transmission cooler; one can use the Koyo Racing Radiator with automatics for increased cooling capacity.


  • Koyorad “V Series” 36mm cross-flow core
  • Optimized locations for inlet, outlet, and fan temp switch
  • 1/8 PT female port accepts aftermarket temp gauge sensors
  • N-FLO Dual Pass partition
  • Mirror polished finish
  • Nocolok-R Brazing
  • Precise Tube and Fin alignment
  • Billet aluminum filler neck and drain plug

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