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ATP ATP-FLS-023 V-Band Adapter - GT25/GT28/GT307X-WG Series Image1
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ATP V-Band Adapter - GT25/GT28/GT307X-WG Series

  • High Flowing

  • Machined Flanges

  • Tig Welded

Product Details

The V-Band Adapter for the GT25/28High Flowing 3.00" V-Band discharge module is now available for the GT25R, GT28R, GT28RS, GT2871R, GT3071R-WG, GT3076R-WG.ATP offers a creative and modular unit that converts the discharge side of these GT Turbos to 3.00" V-Band for easy connection to any 3.00" V-Band style downpipe.The Unit Features:1. CNC Machined Flanges from solids on both ends for max durability.2. Custom formed stainless transition tube offers max flow with no restrictions.3. Unit has large opening for both wastegate and turbine discharges.4. Tig welded unit and allows proper clearance if used with these nuts and studs: MIA-FST-030 or ATP-FST-031.. .

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