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Radium Universal Pumpless Fuel Surge Tank With Single Pickup Tube

  • Fuel Surge Tank

  • Does Not Include Pump

  • Prevents Fuel Starvation

Radium 20-0016 Universal Pumpless Fuel Surge Tank With Single Pickup Tube
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Product Details

Radium Engineering "pumpless" FST's were designed for users that already have a secondary external fuel pump. It provides a reservoir from which an external pump can draw from. It features a single or dual anodized aluminum pick-up tubes rather than an integrated internal fuel pump. Thus, this FST model does not include a bulkhead wiring adapter so it is not suited to be used with a fuel pump inside of it. This surge tank is most effective when mounted vertically, however it can be tipped up to a 45 degree angle. Radium does not recommend mounting this surge tank horizontally, as the pick-up may be prone to drawing in air pockets.

The High Volume FST is an ideal option for very high flow external fuel pumps requiring a large reservoir and feed line. It must be mounted as near vertical as possible. A mounting bracket is not needed with the High Volume FST.All external pump fuel surge tanks require a "lift pump" to supply them with fuel. Excess fuel is then routed back to the OEM fuel tank or fuel cell. The pump feeding the engine, then draws it's fuel from the surge tank, with excess returning from the regulator back to the surge tank.


All RADIUM Fuel Surge Tanks Include:

  • Extruded and Machined 6061 Aluminum 1.5 Liter Canister
  • Removeable O-Ring Sealed Billet 6061 Aluminum Caps
  • Anodized and Laser Engraved
  • 6AN Feed and Return Fittings (High Volume FST uses -8AN)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Factory Pressure Tested Before Shipment
  • Lifetime Warranty on all Radium components

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