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Tomei Titanium Valve Retainer Kit RB26DETT

  • Reduce Reciprocating Mass

  • Sronger Valve Spring Retainer

  • Exact Tolerances

Tomei 163200 Titanium Valve Retainer Kit RB26DETT
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Product Details

Tomei Titanium Retainers are integral to any high powered, high revving engine. The combination of high lift camshafts and uprated valve springs will increase the stress load of the valvetrain. It is important to utilize retainers that are made out of titanium to minimize weight and maintain high strength to help keep valves under control and secure valve springs in place.



  • Tomei Weight: 9.8g
  • Stock Weight: 14.9g
  • Recommended Springs: Tomei Type A
  • Titanium Material
    • The strength and weight characteristics of this material showed best results during test conditions of 5,000 revolutions per minute during the load conditions from the valve spring and camshaft.
  • Precision
    • The light weight design aids with smoother operations and provides improved dynamic balancing to the valve train. The valve retainer’s precision is an absolute must to secure the valve and valve spring in place. The TOMEI precision design guarantees the optimum smooth operation process of opening and closing of the valves.
  • Unnatural Valve Motion
    • Jump
      • When the cam lobe passes the peak point of the lobe and the valve lifter then returns, there are time when the valve spring is not capable to keep up with the large cam lift design and causes the valve to crash into the cam. This can cause the valve to jump and or bounce repeatedly. Left unattended to can lead to terminal engine failure.
    • Bounce
      • When the valve closes after contacting and not staying seated the shock can cause the valve to rebound repetitively causing damage.
    • Due to the phenomenon of the Valves movement following the Camshaft the impact on the Cam and the Valve seat is great enough to cause damage to the Valve and there are times when the abnormal rebound can cause contact with the Piston. The phenomenon easily occurs when the motion of the Valves mass is great so attention to detail of the weight of the dynamic Valve Train is vital.

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Vehicle Applications

Years Make Model Trim Chassis Engine Notes
1989 - 2002 Nissan SKYLINE GTR     Titanium Retainers For TOMEI Type A Valvesprings Set of IN/EX, Weight: 9.8g
1999 - 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R   (R34) RB26DETT  
1995 - 1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R   (R33) RB26DETT  
1989 - 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R   (R32) RB26DETT  
ALL - ALL Nissan 240SX        
ALL - ALL Nissan 180SX        
ALL - ALL Nissan SILVIA        
ALL - ALL Nissan 200SX (NON-US)