SPL SPL RTA S13 Titanium Series Rear Toe Arms - Nissan S13 240SX /  Z32 300ZX  Image1
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SPL Titanium Series Rear Toe Arms - Nissan S13 240SX / Z32 300ZX

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  • QA1 chromoly rod ends

  • 1.25 in. chromoly rod ends

  • Angled steel sleeve

SPL SPL RTA S13 Titanium Series Rear Toe Arms - Nissan S13 240SX /  Z32 300ZX
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Product Details

SPL toe arms allow for an increased range of rear toe adjustment, necessary for lowered cars or cars with performance alignments, as the stock eccentric bolt does not provide enough adjustment range to get toe in spec.


These toe arms feature 1.25" chromoly tubing, professionally TIG welded to a angled steel sleeve to allow for increased clearance from the arm to the subframe bushings on lowered cars.  The sleeve is CNC machined from billet steel, to provide maximum strength to support the bending loads from the angle on the arm.  SPL uses QA1's Endura chromoly rod ends, which are designed specifically for motorsports, featuring a teflon/kevlar injection molded liner that makes the rod end self-lubricating and self-cleaning.  New for version 3, SPL arms also feature the new Hybrid adjuster, which allows for consistent and accurate alignments using a billet aluminum clamp that prevents the spherical bearing from rotating when locking down the alignment.


Black Color

Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 2 reviews

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By Richard

Jan 23, 2014

I bought because if a blown bushing. SPL Parts is a great company for suspension! I haven't got all the pieces yet, but even with just the toe rods, the rear end has noticeable stiffened up! A must have for lowered cars! Quality and construction is awesome! No complaints! Double locking style just increases zero slip that they claim. FRSport, has some of the best deals on the SPL Parts!

By Jacob

Jan 12, 2011

Direct bolt-in, high quality material, and like all adjustable arms from SPL, they are VERY durable. If you're debating due to price, just save up a little more for a part that will outlast everything else on your car.