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DIF 10001 Thermostatic Single/Dual Universal Electric Fan Controller Image1

DIF Thermostatic Single/Dual Universal Electric Fan Controller

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  • Independent fan temp settings

  • Integrated relays, easy wiring

  • Uses factory sensor

DIF 10001 Thermostatic Single/Dual Universal Electric Fan Controller

Currently Unavailable

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** This version has been discontinued.  Please see DIF Dual Fan Controller Ver. D for the latest version.

Many vehicles have mechanical clutch fans that can rob the engine of power, or factory electric fans that lack the controls for rapid cool down during heavy use sessions. DIF's dual fan controller was designed to address these issues by providing automatic controls for two independent fans. Each fan be adjusted to come on between 150 - 215 degrees indepedently, allowing it to turn on only as necessarily, freeing up horsepower and increasing throttle response!

DIF's dual fan controller is extremely simple to install with minimal wiring. The unit also includes a manual turn-on switch to rapidly cool down the engine by turning on both fans irregardless of engine temperature. Uses factory sensor for accurate temperature measurements!

DIF Dual Fan Controller Features

  • Integrated relays simplifies wiring and eliminates extra costs and time
  • Easy and quick installation - less than 15 minutes
  • Manual turn-on override switch to rapidly cool down engine in between track runs
  • Uses factory water sensor for accuracy and precision
  • Optional connector provides fan status, A/C turn-on, and an overheat alarm
  • Can provide up to 15 amps for each fan
  • Includes all necessary wiring and connectors

New updated version includes the following additional features:

  • User programmable vehicle make for precise temperature measurements
  • Improved fan turn on / turn off logic for more consistent fan control
  • Easy to turn temperature dial knobs

Unit works for most imports vehicles.  Domestic and european vehicles supported via use of universal settings.

Check out DIF's website for more help or questions you may have


Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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By Dale

Dec 16, 2006

I have been using this controller for well over a month now, and with the ambient air temps here in the Middle East, it is a must to use twin fans. Works as advertised, and definitely takes a load off the charging system by only turning on to the pre-selected temps and cutting off when things cool down. Beautifully designed and totally functional. Easy-to-read installation! The best fan controller in my mind! Thanks FR-SPORT!

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