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FRSPORT 1102 Tein Inner & Outer Tie Rods Combo S13 S14 S15 240SX SILVIA Image1

FRSPORT Tein Inner & Outer Tie Rods Combo S13 S14 S15 240SX SILVIA

   10 reviews

  • Inner & Outer

  • Increase Steering Angle

  • For S13 or S14

FRSPORT 1102 Tein Inner & Outer Tie Rods Combo S13 S14 S15 240SX SILVIA
List Price: $176.00
$162.95  Save 7%

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Product Details

Tein Tie Rods are strengthened tie rods that improve durability and increase steering wheel cut off angle. This will allow a higher steering angle at full steering wheel lock. These tie rods are designed to be stronger than the stock one normally found on the 240SX.

During hard driving or drifting, breaking and bending of the tie rod will be reduced or even eliminated with Tein Tie Rod. Tein Tie Rod offers more steering angle at full steering wheel lock. The OEM tie rod offers only limited steering wheel rotations, while this unit allows for increased rotations. This makes these tie rods a must have for drifting, because more steering angle will create deeper drift angles.

NOTE: Comes with two inner tie rods, two outer tie rod ends, and included hardware.

Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 10 reviews

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By Adrian

Dec 17, 2015

These are great if you need to replace the worn out tie rods on your car.

By Kuen

Apr 19, 2014

Easy to fit on and the wider turn radius is of good use.

By Justin

Apr 26, 2013

Much beefier than the O.E.M. tierods. Replaced my worn-out factory tierods with these, now my steering is much more responsive and the extra strength over stock lets me perform with confidence.

By Aaron

Apr 25, 2013

They feel great, my car steers at least 100 times better and doesnt rattle anymore when i hit the brakes haha... They seem super durable but we'll see how they hold up when they get drifted!

By Edgar

Jan 1, 2013

This is a very good product. one you install them you can feel the difference on the freeway. Really good if you are a drifter u can make sharper turns faster. I recommend using this product if your tie rods are worn out.

By Dev

Jun 20, 2012

Stand up well to the abuse of daily driving and the steering angle is unrivaled in comparison to stock. Awesome product for a great price!

By Reyes

Sep 20, 2011

These Tein inner outer tie rods are significantly stronger and you'll instantly feel the difference! Grade A stuff highly recommend these!

By Ron

May 9, 2011

Highly recommend these things! Best set up for the money. Don't waste your money with the other brands you won't be disappointed with these. Great feel and handles everything you through at it. I use the car for drifting and these have never failed.

By kure91

Apr 21, 2010

A lot beefer than stock tie rods. Steering angle is awesome with theses. I would recommend bump steer adjusters for lowered cars.

By Andre

Jan 7, 2009

These rock. Hold up much better than stock when "abused." (Curbs, walls, etc.) :]