Torco A140060B  TR-1 Racing Oil SAE 60 55-Gallon drum  Image1
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Torco TR-1 Racing Oil SAE 60 55-Gallon drum

  • Race additive technology

  • Superior engine protection.

  • Excellent ring seal.

Torco A140060B  TR-1 Racing Oil SAE 60 55-Gallon drum
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Torco TR-1 Racing Motor Oil comes from an original series of motor oils called MPZ Racing Oils. MPZ Racing Oils have a long history of accomplishments in many forms of racing dating back to the 50's. TR-1 is simply the next generation of the original chemistries and carries out a tradition of superior performance.


TR-1 is a special blend of hydro processed petroleum base stocks, special polymers and proprietary additive systems focused on superior performance and engine protection. TR-1 is a tried and proven race formula that offers excellent thermal stability under extreme RPM and high operating temperatures of modern racing engines. It is an MPZ� fortified formula which provides unequalled anti-friction, anti-wear and minimizes frictional losses for increased power. TR-1 protects against scuffing, galling and metal transfer for longer engine life.



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