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HKS TO4Z Ball Bearing Turbo

  • Trim: 63T

  • A/R: 0.81

  • External wastegate

HKS 14001-AK012 TO4Z Ball Bearing Turbo
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DISCONTINUED- HKS 14001-AK012 TO4Z Ball Bearing Turbo


The HKS T04 Series Turbo - T04Z Turbine is one of the larger turbos offered from HKS with an external wastegate. This turbo utilizes water cooling because of it`s ball bearing center which ultimately improve response. The exhaust side uses a twin scroll type construction which increases the smooth exhaust efficiency. The intake side uses an original design which has shown to increase intake efficiency as well. HKS recommends the use of the T04Z turbo on large engines and rotary ones as well, but can also be used on smaller engines if the motor tuned to power such a large turbo.



  • Trim: 63T
  • A/R: 0.81
  • Flange Type: T04 Flange


*The Turbine is also available in different sizes. Please call us to verify what suits you best.

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