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Turbonetics TN Hi-Fi 650 Turbo

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  • 60 Series

Turbonetics 11528 TN Hi-Fi 650 Turbo
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Turbonetics TN Hi-Fi 650 Turbo

Have you ever needed that extra bit of airflow and horespower but couldn't sacrifice the space or extra dollars? Well the TN 650 is here to solve that for you. We took an HP66 (66mm) compressor wheel and crammed it into a 60 series compressor cover to get you ample airflow and power potential without comprising yTurbonetics need for space. Then we married it to a full size T4 turbine housing with an F1-65 (65mm) turbine wheel to make sure the power won't stop till redline. This turbo comes standard with a 16mm water cooled bearing section and available in either a standard bearing or Turbonetics patented ceramic ball bearing configuration for a flexible investment price.

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