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Turbonetics TN 550 Turbo

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Turbonetics 11525 TN 550 Turbo
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Turbonetics TN 550 Turbo

Turbonetics TN550 turbocharger is Turbonetics cost effective full size implementation of Turbonetics track tested 62-1 compressor and F1-62 (62mm) T3 turbine wheel. This unit is capable of producing 550 HP worth of air at an affordable price. Keeping in line with Turbonetics strategy of providing you maximum performance at an affordable price this unit is ideal for most 6 cylinder and larger or higher horespower producing 4 cylinders where performance can't be sacrificed for cost. As with all of Turbonetics TN series turbos this unit comes standard with a 16mm wet bearing section and is available with either a standard or Turbonetics patented ceramic ball bearing.

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