Circuit Sports TMK-0134-HC TMK-0134-HC Transmission Mount S13 S14 S15 KA24 SR20 Image1
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Circuit Sports TMK-0134-HC Transmission Mount S13 S14 S15 KA24 SR20

   3 reviews

  • Poly-Urethane construction

  • HRC-80 hardness rating

  • Easy to install

Circuit Sports TMK-0134-HC TMK-0134-HC Transmission Mount S13 S14 S15 KA24 SR20
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Product Details

Circuit Sports Poly-Urethane solid transmission mount for RWD KA24 and SR20DET is made with HRC-80 hardness rating to help improve shifting feel and avoid mis-shift and shifter slap at high rpm and rough roads. This unit is very easy to install. Great upgrade from stock worn bushings.

Works great with Circuit Sports solid engine mounts also available in our store!



Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 3 reviews

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By Eddie

Sep 29, 2013

Very easy to install and you can notice a huge difference. I'm also running Poly engine mounts, and this makes up for allot of vibration but an increase in direct power due to less engine/mission movement.

By Mitchell

Sep 10, 2013

Replaced my super worn out stock mount for this. It was definitely worth the fair price ! Super easy install and it works great ! No fitment issues, I recommend this mount over a solid one for sure. Also cool that I got it for my Ka a while back and just got an sr20 and it works for that as well

By Brian

Dec 18, 2012

This replaced my stock transmission mount which was badly worn and splitting along with similar condition engine mounts. The engine mounts I used were also Poly(not Circuit Sport) which together add a noticeable amount of vibration and drive-train noise which I would relate to being similar to that of a motorcycle but definitely tolerable. I no longer have problems missing shifts under hard acceleration due to the engine/transmission slop twisting out of alignment. Now a shifting has a very precise and predictable feel.