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HKS T51R SPL Dual Ball Bearing Turbo

  • 56 Trim

  • 1000 PS Output

  • 1.00 A/R

HKS 1401-RA145 T51R SPL Dual Ball Bearing Turbo
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The HKS Signature Series Turbos are Garrett based, but have re-engineered compressor and turbine wheels along with specific A/R and trim levels to maximize power output. The smallest of the HKS Signature Series Turbos is the TO4S which is rated to 550HP and the largest of the series is the HKS flagship turbo the T51R SPL which is rated to 1,000HP. The T51R class of turbos is broken up into two units, the T51R Kai and the T51R SPL which are rated to 800PS and 1,000PS respectively. Both the T51R Kai and SPL utilize a V-band flange and are available with a ball-bearing center cartridge that allows for 11% faster spool up then the standard sleeve bearing versions.


High-powered turbine to generate a high output at high rpm as a single turbine.

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  • HKS T51RSPL Ball Bearing Turbo
  • 56 Trim AR 1.00
  • 1000 PS Output
  • 100mm inlet 80mm outlet
  • Up to optimize the cross-sectional shape of the scroll from the gas inlet flange: You can reduce the circumference yen compared with the square shape of the same area. Periphery becomes shorter, ie less (? 1) wall resistance, it is able to achieve a high turbine efficiency. T51R is compared with conventional flange with the outer periphery of the same (the same shape as the flange and genuine system RB20 · RB25), was increased by 30% area. Thereby, increase flow rate by 30% without increasing the loss, to achieve smaller, lighter, and has support over 800ps. That can slow down the flow rate of air flowing by touching the wall: the wall resistance (? 1).
  • Use of the V-band flange that does not impair the sealing function even when the high supercharging: closures (4) This traditional bolt was possible distortion caused by high temperature exhaust gas leak occurs in the part. T51R has been greatly improved seal by sandwiching the entire circumference in the V band.
  • Use a cross-sectional shape of turbine scroll for obtaining high efficiency: the cross-sectional shape of the turbo housing, has been kept to a minimum loss of the ideal pursuit of the flow of gas.
  • achieve the stabilization of performance turbocharger to the turbo housing subjected to machining: T51R series is to guide the exhaust gas to the turbine wheel more efficiently, very dimensional accuracy by applying the additional machining of the casting machine to the turbo housing increase, has been achieved stabilization of performance turbocharger.
  • Optimization of aperture & compressor housing outlet aperture optimization of turbo inlet flange housing: more than 2.6L in the T51R KAI, was to achieve optimal diameter turbo inlet housing flange to fit the 2.8L engine in more than T51R SPL. In addition, we chose the shape of the corresponding outlet compressor housing for ultra-high air volume.
  • Use a tapered outlet for wasted exhaust pressure suppress the rise: T51R was designed in the shape of the exit taper angle less loss.
  • Use a heat-resistant steel exhaust temperature high enough to withstand the rotary engine to the turbo housing: in a state that is balanced setting, reciprocating engines is about 95rotary engine exhaust temperature will be about 1050 ? thing. Has adopted a heat-resistant steel that can withstand very high exhaust temperatures rotary engine compared to reciprocating engines.
  • Use of the internal shape of the scroll compressor housing in order to obtain a high efficiency compressor: a circular shape was adopted also in the compressor housing turbo housing and the same idea.

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