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FRSPORT 1175 T28 Dual Ball Bearing Upgrade Turbo Kit for S13 SR20DET Image1
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FRSPORT T28 Dual Ball Bearing Upgrade Turbo Kit for S13 SR20DET

   3 reviews

  • From 300RWHP to over 400RWHP

  • Includes all hardware & gasket

  • Customizable & direct bolt-on

FRSPORT 1175 T28 Dual Ball Bearing Upgrade Turbo Kit for S13 SR20DET
List Price: $1400.00
$1149.95  Save 18%

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Product Details

You've asked for it!  Now it is available!  Introducing the FRSport Turbo Upgrade Kit for the S13 SR20DET!  Utilizing many Nissan OEM parts, this turbo upgrade kit includes everything you need to make the turbo install simple and quick.  All turbo options utilizes a dual ball bearing cartridge with a T25/T28 turbine housing to make it a direct drop-in for your SR20DET engine.  For those wishing to upgrade to Z32 MAF, we recommend getting the Greddy Suction Kit as it includes new reclocked piping and hardware for a bolt-on installation!


  • Bolt-on Kit for S13 SR20DET
  • Easy and affordable
  • Quality OEM parts


  • Premium Turbo Lines Kit
  • Manifold to Turbo Gasket
  • Turbo to Elbow Gasket
  • Compressor Inlet Gasket
  • Compressor Outlet Gasket
  • Drain Tube
  • Drain Hose
  • Drain Gasket
  • Drain Clamps
  • 9x Copper Locking Nuts
  • 9x Black Oxide Studs


Turbo Boost Response  Max. Horsepower Price
Nissan S15 OEM Turbo Spec-R (330HP) ***** ** **
Garrett GT2871R 0.64 AR (420HP) *** **** ****
Garrett GT2871R 0.86 AR (460HP) ** ***** ****
Garrett GT2860RS 0.64 AR (340HP) **** *** ***
Garrett GT2860RS 0.86 AR (360HP) *** **** ***


Please note that without the necessary reclock adapters or turbo piping, your intake and intercooler piping will not fit properly. Please add the DIF Reclock Adapters or the Greddy Suction Kit if you don't already have it.

Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 3 reviews

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By matthew

Dec 16, 2011

Bought this kit to upgrade from my stock T25 I had in my 180sx I drove in Japan. I also got the Megan Racing exhaust manifold and once all were installed I noticed a difference right away with sound and performance. Spools up nicely and def recommend if you want a decent upgrade for a good price.

By steven

Aug 7, 2010

I got the kit with the GT28rs. This turbo spools up crazy fast and my engine feels so torquey now, I think this is the perfect street turbo. The kit had everything i could have needed to make the install smooth and complete. FRsport is the best! I will always look here first now. Prices and selection are excellent. I love that so many OEM nissan parts are available for my car

By Troy

Jan 22, 2010

Very good kit. ABS module bracket requires some modifaction. Plus if u hav the Greddy/Trust suction kit it helps so much!!